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[01] Marlon Brando faced such a difficulty in learning his lines for The Godfather that finally read them from the tabs that some members of the crew held. The actor wanted to give a special characteristic to his role, so, he had the idea to make his voice hoarse, copying a real Mafioso, Frank Costello. Twenty years earlier, Brando had watched on TV Costello’s speech during his trial.

[02] The initial copy of Batman included a scene where a little girl approached the hero and naively asked him: “Has the Halloween arrived?”. This scene was considered detrimental for the super hero’s profile so it was cut.

[03] There was no airline that included in its in-flight entertainment the movie “Airplane!” except Air-Mexico.

[04] During the filming, the title “Star Wars” was only the code of the movie. The head of the 20th Century Fox asked everybody and even the junior employees to find a catchy title for the film. Although, nobody managed to think of something showier and it was finally released with the title “Star Wars”.

[05] Gene Hackman was nominated for the role of the Colonel Kilgor (Robert Duvall) in the movie Apocalypse Now. When Harvey Keitel angrily left during the filming, the role of the Colonel Willard was unsuccessfully offered to Al Pacino, Robert Redford and Steve McQueen but was finally given to Martin Sheen.
For the role of the Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando), coefficients had also thought of hiring Jack Nicolson. Last but not least, Dennis Hopper, was about to impersonate a Green Beret alongside Kurtz but Coppola changed the character to a drunk, incoherent jerk when Hopper arrived in the studio… drunk, incoherent and jerk.

[06] Philip K. Dick –the movie Blade runner is based on his novel- used so much LSD that thought he was able to communicate with God. He died in 1982, the same year that the film was released.

[07] On the last scene of the movie The 25th Hour of Spike Lee, Monty (Eduard Norton) begs Frank (Barry Pepper) to make him ugly (from beating) so he could avoid “close contacts” in the prison showers after his certain arrest. Pepper, broke Norton’s noise by mistake.

[08] On the Alien’s scenario, the role that was finally impersonated by Sigourney Weaver was meant to be played by a man. The director Ridley Scott wanted a more violent end for the film. The alien monster would cut Ripley’s head (Weaver), sit on her chair and then send a doomsday message to the Earth with her voice.

[09] Jerry Bruckheimer (producer) and Ridley Scott (director) gave the names “Armageddon” and “Gladiator – two movies with great success - to two of the helicopters that were used during the filming of the “Black Hawk Dawn”, hoping that this film would become a great success as well.

[10] The sound of the abnormal rotation that was heard by Linda Blair’s head in the Exorcist was nothing more than the crushing of a wallet that belonged to a member of the crew.

[11] The role of the agent Bourne (The Bourne identity) was initially proposed to Brad Pitt, who denied because he preferred to play to the Spy Game with Robert Redford. Finally, Matt Damon was selected for the role.

[12] The mutant spider that bites Peter Parker in Spiderman was a real Steatoda spider which, after being anaesthetized, was painted red and blue.

[13] The famous scene in the shower of the film Psycho was a finest stapling of 78 different shots.

[14] A real human skeleton from India was used in the filming of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre as it was cheaper than buying a plastic one.

[15] The screenwriter of the Taxi Driver, Paul Schroeder, was the person who wrote the original scenario for the film “Close Encounters of the third kind”. Although, he demanded his name to be omitted when he discovered that the plot suffered major alternations by Steven Spielberg.

[16] When Robert De Niro impersonated Al Capone in The Untouchables, tried to “live the role” by ordering to a tailor silk boxer shorts, exactly the same with these that the Mafioso used.

[17] The director of the 12 Monkeys, Terry Gilliam, forbade Brad Pitt to smoke until the end of the filming. He thought that in this way, Brad could improve the nervous talking he needed to have for his role.

[18] The french production Le Cinquième Élément is the most expensive non-Hollywood film. The special effects cost $80 million.

[19] In the movie Traffic, powdered milk was used instead of cocaine. Corey Spears (Bauman) thought it was harmless and sniffed so much that ended in the hospital!

[20] Jamie Lee insisted on filming without a stuntman the dangerous scenes of her role in the film True Lies. She finally celebrated her 36th birthday in the weirdest way; flying with a helicopter.

[21] Faithful to the methods through which he used to approach his roles, Robert De Niro, hang out with quarry workers using the nickname Bob, so he could realistically impersonate his role in The Deer Hunter. In the same movie, the surprise expression of De Niro, when Christopher Walken spat on his face on the scene with the Russian roulette, is original. It was not written on the scenario but the director Michael Cimino, urged Walken to do it some seconds before the filming.

[22] Linda Fiorentino won her participation to the movie “Men in Black” on a poker game against the director Barry Sonnenfeld.

[23] The building Nakatomi Plaza where the film “Die hard” was shot, today, is the headquarters of the 20th Century Fox. The company moved there immediately after the end of the shooting.

[24] When the “Crocodile Dundee” was released in USA, the filmmakers put the word Crocodile in quotation marks to make sure that nobody would be confused that the film hero was a real crocodile.

[25] Clint Eastwood wore the same hat to all the spaghetti-western on which he played. He never washed it.

[26] The starring role in “JFK” was initially proposed to Harrison Ford who didn’t accept for “political reasons”.

[27] The actress Ellen Burstyn, accepted to play in the “Exorcist”, after being promised that the phrase “I believe in devil” would not be included in her lines.

[28] Eduard Norton has revealed that the primary reason that made him want to play in the movie “The score” was to see his name typed next to Brando and De Niro’s names on the film poster.

[29] In the Basic Instinct, the director Paul Verhoeven was made to cut 14 scenes of the film so he could ensure that it would finally be released in USA.

[30] In Fight Club, Brad Pitt was made to remove the case of a sharpened tooth so he would look like a marginal boxer. In the same film, pornographic shots, like those that Durden (Brad Pitt) edited in kid movies, passed fast on the screen three times.

[31] In the novel of David Morrel, on which is based the basic plot of the movie “Rambo: First Blood”, the hero was dying in the end. Stallone was opposed to this ending but the idea was completely abandoned when the audience disliked the alternative end at the previews of the film; it showed John Rambo committing suicide.

[32] Quentin Tarantino’s film “From dusk till dawn” (1996) was banned in Ireland till 2000.

[33] Producers of the “Artificial Intelligence” in order to make sure that the film would be appropriate for 13 years old and over, removed digitally a building with a shape which seemed like penis.

[34] When Jo Pesci’s mother watched The Goodfellas, said she liked it but she felt uncomfortable with the abusive language. In the film, the word “fuck” and its derivatives were used 246 times and Pesci was the one who mostly used it. On the same movie, the actor Michael Imperioli (Spider) seriously cut his hand on the scene that Pesci (Tommy) murders him. The doctors at the medical emergencies began taking care of the fake bullet wound (!) considering that this wound was more serious than the real trauma.

[35] A training accident made Keanu Reeves use a cervical collar during the four-month preparation before the filming of Matrix.

[36] In the movie “The silver chalice”, the first movie of Paul Newman, the actor considered his acting so bad that he paid an ad in Variety Magazine through which he apologized to the audience!

[37] Terence Young and Shaun Connery were almost victims of a… helicopter during the filming of “James Bond: From Russia with love”. An inexperienced pilot flied near Connery and almost decapitated him while Young’s helicopter was damaged and crashed on the sea.

[38] Nobody is talking in the first 10 minutes of the movie “The good, the bad and the ugly”! Ennio Morricone composed a music which was a trying to imitate the screaming of the coyotes.

[39] Wilson, the volleyball that accompanied Tom Hanks in the “Cast Away”, was sold online for $18.400 in 2001.

[40] In the movie “Rebel without a cause” with James Dean, the actors used real blades to shoot the scene with the dagger fighting. For them to be safe, they wore a vest made of metal fibers.

[41] The mechanical shark that was used in the famous “Jaws” of Spielberg wasn’t tested before being transferred to the marine studio of the film. When it was thrown in the water it sank and they needed divers to remove it from the seabed.

[42] In “LA: Confidential”, the Formosa Café, where important scenes of the film were shot, is a real place in Hollywood, a meeting point of the biggest stars of 50s. This café is still there, with the same decoration for 60 years.

[43] The war cries heard in the opening scene of the “Gladiator” (2000) is an edited music part from the film “Zulu” (1964). The bloody face of Russell Crowe, as it is presented after the end of the same scene, is real because the horse on which the actor rode fell rapidly over the bushes.

[44] When the director of the film “Mars Attack”, Tim Burton, was informed by the studio executives that he didn’t have the right to dismiss Jack Nicolson, he decided to give to the actor two roles which were killed just before the closing credits.

[45] In “Kill Bill Vol.2”, they decided to show in black and white the scene where Uma Thurman kills with her sword hundreds of rivals. It happened because the previews of the film in USA and Europe proved that the audience was hard pressed to watch the bleeding. However, in the Japanese version of the film the scene remained colored.

[46] In the boxing scenes of the “Raging Bull”, instead of fake blood they used melted chocolate which looked like real blood to the black and white lens. In the same movie, during a fight with his wife, Jake La Motta (Robert De Niro) put his head out of the window and cursed a neighbor who seemed obviously indignant. Basically, the actor improvised as the scene was filmed in the physical space of a block of flats and the neighbors complained in real!

[47] Sylvester Stallone had rejected an offer of $250.000 for the scenario of Rocky because the studio could not ensure the starring role to him.

[48] A scene of the film “Leon” required a road to be filled with patrol cars. The uniformed actors, surprised, saw an armed guy submitting to them as he thought that they were real policemen! A little bit earlier he had robbed a bank around there and tried to escape…

[49] The actor Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) estimated that during the filming of the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” he “killed” each stuntman for at least 50 times.

[50] The real name of Michael Keaton is… Michael Douglas. It leaps to the eye why he changed it.

[51] The budget for the “Mad Max” was so poor that the director, George Miller, couldn’t edit the film in the laboratory and made the editing in his bedroom! The film distributors in USA thought that both Mel Gibson and the rest of the cast had a very heavy accent and they decided to dub the dialogues with American actors.

[52] The car that John Travolta drives in the film “Swordfish” is a TVR Tuscan, which is banned to be driven in the USA because of its excessive pollutant emissions.

[53] The pianist Sam of the famous film “Casablanca” was a professional drummer who copied the moves of a real pianist; during the filming, a real pianist was playing the soundtrack music on the piano next to the studio.

[54] The director Brian De Palma was chosen for the film “Mission: Impossible” because “The Untouchables”, another TV series that was turned into movie under his guidance, became a big success.

[55] In Hong Kong, the movie “Nixon” was presented with the Japanese title “The big liar”!

[56] In “Platoon”, the director Oliver Stone wanted to make such a convincing representation of the period that ordered cherry red Marlboro packets for the film; like they were in 60s.

[57] The two protagonists of the “Predator” followed a successful political career. Arnold Schwarzenegger, as the governor of California and Jesse Ventura, as the governor of Minnesota.

[58] The typical sound of Indie’s horsewhip in “Indiana Jones” is the result of the electronic editing on the recording of a jet take off.

[59] In Rocky, the final scene of the fighting between the protagonist (Stallone) and Apollo Creed (Weathers) was shot from the end to the beginning. The appearance of the strained boxers, after 15 rounds of boxing, required heavy makeup to make the bruises and the cuts seem real. So, the actors started filming the final scenes, battered as they seemed, and then, removed some parts of the make up to continue the filming.

[60] During the filming of “The Fugitive”, Harrison Ford, hurt really bad his leg but he denied following a therapy, considering that its deterioration would help him limp in a more convincing way for the role.

[61] In “Seven”, the scrawny relic of a drug dealer, who remained tied for a whole year on a bed in order to be punished for the sin of sloth, was not an effect but an incredibly thin actor.

[62] The president John Kennedy wanted to watch Spartacus with Kirk Douglas so much that left from the White House in disguise, went to the cinema and paid normally his ticket!

[63] The director Robert Rodriguez, in order to collect $7.000 that he needed to film “El Mariachi”, accepted to be the “laboratory animal” for the creation of an anticholesterol medicine with $100 per day. He wrote the biggest part of the scenario during the hours that he spent in the laboratory.

[64] One cut scene from the “Full Metal Jacket” of Kubrick, showed some soldiers playing football with a severed head instead of a ball.

[65] The Mohican haircut of De Niro in the “Taxi Driver” is not real. The actor wore a fake scalp and the dyed hair was from a horse mane.

[66] The first twenty minutes of the “Trainspotting”, as it was released in the USA, had subtitles because the film distributors thought that the audience would not understand the heavy Irish accent of the actors.

[67] Both the leading actors and the members of the crew who worked for the filming of “The Terminator 3” and all their baggage carried the logo code “York Square” in order not to attract the passer-byes’ attention.

[68] In “The Godfather”, James Caan put on his body 147 small bullet wound ampoules. This number is a record and the reason was that the scene of Sonny’s execution should be filmed outright.

[69] The Bulitt (1968) was the first Hollywood movie in which the term “bullshit” was heard without further censorship.