(Text in greek)

You cannot escape this, simply because you love it.

You have a sweet melancholy that characterizes the way you move across your musical universe.
At times you look like a deeply conscious and structured personality, that has been thoroughly grafted
with her love for notes.
You move exactly the way you should.
Wary. Consciously. Targeted.
You have burnt your bridges to every unnecessary
spending of your time and you continue your
musical wanderings in order to make us understand the meaning of all this.
You cannot escape this, simply because you love it.
Even in the face of the law of probability, that crucial tiny percentage, the little feather on the scale, the extra piece that it is enough for others to take them off course, all these cannot affect you.
Even when you experience your own solitude, you seek to take advantage of it in a constructive way.
At other times, when you may not know the exact direction, your desire is enough to take you towards that. It sounds confusing but it’s
nice to hear about what is impossible, improbable or difficult, and yet to keep moving forward.
And furthermore you choose Greece.
During a rough time for sure and despite the odd days.
But you are persistent.
And now that your time has come, you get rewarded.
And as a remuneration of your reward, either via online media or not, the questions start.
"Who are you after all Katerine Duska?",
"Where do you come from?" ,
"How did you spend your childhood?",
"Why you choose music in relation with your studies?",
"Did your family support you?",
"What are your musical influences?",
"Which is your favorite kind of music?",
"Which is your favorite band?",
"Your favorite color?",
"Your favorite fruit?",
"What are your plans for the future?",
"Do you believe in love?",
"Do you believe in God?
(Oh, no, they haven' t ask you that one yet!)".
And all these questions in accordance with many more completed a list named::
"Everything you would like to know about me".
Especially now that the questions are depleted the title starts changing. Thus, we recently learned 20 things that we didn't know about you. Good. But now the tough part
for us begins. Because of course we have to ask you things which others haven' t asked before. And not only that;
we also have to name this questionnaire.
Something "catchy".
What do you thing about
"10 plus 1 things that you almost learned about me?"
"Finally! Katerine reveals to us 5 things that she was hiding all this time".
I' m kidding of course! And for now we simply write articles about you. And up to this point your
name itself is enough to create “catchy” titles.
"It's something yours", as the poet says "that as an athlete finishes first". Yet you give more importance to the people supporting you than the trophy. And after all you've said it several times that you feel a strong bond more with people rather than objects.
Because, after all, you are such a kind of person.
Generous even when you cut the line.
That' s why from now on when you sing
your song
"One in a million",
tell them not to compare you with others anymore. Explain to them that it is just a matter of time to understand how different you are and whatever "assembles" the color of your voice is a charisma entirely yours.
Something like eucalyptus. That while all other trees have almost the same form and shape, eucalyptus varies and usually takes the form that the wind gives.
Almost lonely. Almost aloof.
And much more thoughtful.
"Slow, slow, slow" for the "Embodiment".
Patiently we have been waiting long for your next creation. And slowly but surely it appeared.
And without hesitation we equally loved it. I don't know why but even if we don't know you for a long time,
with your lyrics sometimes you makes us feel like "shipwrecked" in an immense nostalgia.
I feel it.
Now that you got started nothing can stop you.
You already gaze lying on the mountainside across the plain that stretches down endless.
You sit on a stone and start counting. Starting rearwardly from your favorite Canada and ending at the present time.
Years of anxiety, struggle, joy, sadness, memories.
What did you get? What did you give?
Now everything is a handful of memories.
And if some of your friends scattered like feathers in the wind,
it' s enough that you can close your eyes and reminisce your
beautiful childhood literally like it was yesterday. And sometimes you wonder if you had to cross the valley, if it was worth the trip. And with the same breath thinking about that, you start smiling.
And not only this but if someone asks you:
"Are you ready for a new journey in the open sea along with all of the risks?",
you still will vigorously continue forward without even looking
the weather forecast.
And once more you will generously continue giving your
touching lyrics that we will sing along in your live shows, while following your steps all the way.
That's the way it is, Katerine.
You are doing your part and we are doing ours.
We go on.