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Paul Newman (1925 -2008)
The Super Star, who was not enchanted by the glamour.

It is impossible to imagine Paul Newman with just one color. It was these blue, so blue eyes; that cool pastel color, the shades of self-confidence and that red flame-lining that you always felt it existed within. You could see Paul Newman in Technicolor. Something that just a few people might know is that the man who enlightened the world with the colors of his unique personality was color blinded. Maybe that's why he never saw the exaggerated “Hollywood Planet” as real. “If I hadn’t moved with my family from Beverly Hills’ glamour (to a farm in Westport) in 1962, I might never have dealt with all the other things that made my life impressive: politics, car rally and the family business”. His family consisted of his wife, the actress Joan Woodward, and his six children (three from his first marriage and three with Woodward). “Only when you are away from California”, he said, “you can not to take yourself seriously as a star”. And his life? Always colorful and dedicated to a huge (but absolutely silent) charity work and to his love for his wife and children. For the incredible duration of his marriage (50 years) he said that it was due to “proper doses of sexual desire and respect”, while for his faithfulness there is his famous saying in Playboy: “Why go out for hamburger when I can have steak at home?” His friends describe him as the “quintessence of legality, kind, without being modest. A type of an insect that liked beer and pranks and a great idealist who was fighting for his beliefs. (During the 60s he and his wife were leading in protests against Vietnam.) He was also extremely tolerant with the weaknesses and mistakes of others because, as he often said: “(it doesn’t matter), I've been an idiot too”. He didn’t get well with his beauty, and that's probably why he chose to incarnate so many imperfect characters. He also did not like talking about acting and he attributed his success “less to his natural talent and more to his hard work, the fate and the courage of a terrier”. Newman, after the death of his 28-year-old only son Scott (due to alcohol and pills), created the Scott Newman Center, which informs about the difficulties of drugs and alcohol. He has also built a family business for salad dressings (his own inspiration – he loved to cook) and many other organic food products, whose profits all go to various charity needs. From these funds he created a series of camps, “Hole in the Wall Gang Camps” for children with cancer and other serious illnesses. He always said that it’d be the greatest he would leave behind. “We are so wasting our lives,” he told a journalist. “The trick of life is to climb up and out of the planet making the least possible noise... I do not want to be a holy man. I just think that in life we must be somehow like the farmer who puts back to earth whatever he takes out of it”. Politically, Newman was a very liberal active Democrat, who upon discovering that Nixon had put him in the 19th place on the list of his enemies, in 1973, he celebrated it saying “my children appreciate me more due to this.” When he finally got the Oscar in 1986 for his role in "The Color of Money," Newman did not go to the awards and was pleased to say later: "It's like hunting for a beautiful woman for 80 years. Ultimately she gives in and you tell her: Sorry, but I'm tired.” In the last years of his life, he avoided going to award nominations, despite the fact that he was constantly a candidate. Every time he was saying that he no longer had a tuxedo in his wardrobe as an excuse. Paul Newman took his palette full colors and left the planet with the biggest buzz that a rainbow has ever made. He was 83 years old.
Summarizing: He was not a melancholic and eternal teenager like James Dean, a symbol of the 1950s, in which he was unveiled. He was rather silent, picking dark roles that always left a window for moral doubt. He did not turn every movie into a hypocritical show, nor did he constantly cause a buzz (or scandal) due to his activism like the same-aged Marlon Brando. He was inexplicably expressive; interpreting by incorporating less into more and without much being said he donated $ 220 million dollars to various institutions. He did not sweep the Oscars like Jack Nicholson. Although he shares with him a candidacy record in five different decades. We had to reach 1986 for him to win the statue, playing in a unique manly way the role of Tom Cruise’s mentor in “The Color of Money”. He was not the “all American lover” like Robert Redford, nor did he have a playboy lifestyle. He did not humiliate his legend like other stars of Hollywood. He discreetly retired saying “You start losing your memory, your self-confidence, your inventiveness. Then you understand that this book has closed for you”. He did not leave early like the tough Steve McQueen. He also had the same passion for rally cars, he had won various championships, but he reached 83 having accomplished a full life. Finally, he might not even be a great start. But he was cool. And that’s enough.