(Text in greek)


About 50 years ago The Beatles followed Maharishi Mahesh Yogi until the distant India to discover the best kept secret of human existence. February 1968 and Paul Saltzman, a successful Canadian producer and director with two Emmy Awards today, at the age of 24 - eager to work – was found in India for the filming of a movie some kilometers away from Delhi - and of course in love - something that unfortunately was not so important for the girl, who announced via email that she leaves him for someone else. So in an attempt to overcome the rejection, he decides to go to the nearest hideaway and particularly to that of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and live much healthier than drinking... with meditation! Without giving much attention to the journalists and photographers who had gathered outside the fence, he comes in and sees what? The Beatles in the flesh, sandals, kaftans and talismans plus women and, among others, various personalities like the troubadour Donovan, the bass singer Mike Love of the Beach Boys and the actress Mia Farrow, who coincidentally is trying to exorcise in the same exactly way the end of a relationship and more specifically that one with the notorious blue-eyed Frank Sinatra. This whole thing could not of course lack the Greek element represented by Alexis Mardas, also called Magic Alex, who had come with the sole purpose of building a powerful transmitter that would help Maharishi make his message known as to the most distant corner of the world ... So what the heck were Beatles doing there? The “Magnificent Four” met Maharishi for the first time in August '67 in London and were immediately impressed by this blissful, wise, long-haired bearded man with the funny nose, calm eyes and bland voice who wandered around the western world from late 50s proselytizing, with profit in mind of course, well known and obscure in transcendental meditation. If one considers the void that was left behind by the death of their beloved manager Brian Epstein and the fact that, although only 26 years old on average, these four poor kids from Liverpool had gained as much money and as much glory as a man could wish, you can easily understand why they believed at the time that they could find a way in this very different approach to life!
Thirsty for spiritual uplift, spiritual enlightenment, but also a non-laboratory mutant enlargement of mind - unlike the very fashionable in the musicians circles, LSD- the four lads left on February 15 their gray island in order to spend three unforgettable months in the 60 acres that occupied, in the foothills of the Himalayas along the banks of the sacred river Ganges, the exotic but simple accommodation of the famous ascetic. The most impatient of course were George Harrison, the first of the gang who was captivated by the music, the culture and thinking of Indians and oddly John Lennon, who over his opposition to any kind of religious discipline had tried two years before his stamina to the Christian morale with the notorious statement that “the Beatles are more popular than Jesus”. As for the excessively realist Paul McCartney everything was apparently under control, while Ringo Starr went rather just not to spoil the frame. Hence he was the first to leave just ten days later, as the daily program “food, meditation and sleep” finally left him icily indifferent. Besides, he was only the drummer of the band. He didn’t write songs like the other three, who, having taken care to carry some guitars, they succeeded during their stay to lay the groundwork for no less than 48 songs, including the “While my Guitar Gently Weeps”, “Ob La Di, Ob La Da”, “Back in the USSR”, “Dear Prudence”, “Revolution” and “Sexy Sadie”. Paul was the second who resigned on March 26, convinced that meditation was good, but we also have jobs damn ... It took though for Alex to blame Maharishi for sexual harassment, not for himself, but for Farrow and another schoolgirl, for John and George to leave on April 12 very disappointed. Note: On the contrary, Maharishi’s environment claims that he sent them away, because they had drugs with them. Coincidentally, the stay at the Hermitage marked the beginning of the division, not only for all the parts of which it was synthesized, but also for two of the couples. Lennon had already been enchanted by Yoko Ono, who was continuously sending him all this time enigmatic love letters, so that he had no mind anymore for the unfortunate Cynthia who thought that she would save her marriage with meditation, while McCartney soon would dissolve the engagement with the Jane Asher! Saltzman,
the accidental photographer of this mythical journey, forgot for some time his grief because of the close interaction with the Beatles, despite the systematic learning of the technique of Maharishi. The enviable memories and the wonderful images taken with his camera were collected years later in the books “The Beatles in Rishikesh” and “The Beatles in India”, some of which were even published after his special permission, for the first time exclusively in our country.
Finally, by a strange turn of events that only fate knows how to make, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi died on February 5, 2008, of natural causes and of full days -33.238 in numbers! But the coincidences are endless with him. Just the day before his death, NASA, in an attempt to cause some extraterrestrial reaction sent into space in the form of radio waves, the song “Across the Universe”. Apparently the teacher has identified, in a way unknown to mortals, the - dedicated to him - Sanskrit mantra “Jai Guru Deva, om” (free translation: Hail Grand Master) which dominates among the other English lyrics of the song written by Lennon underthe influence of his teachings, and left happy his last breath in the bliss ofa quiet sleep, somewhere in the southeast of the Netherlands. May his memory live forever...