(Text in greek)


“Everything is rumours ..rumours of the past that became rules , events someone may call them depending on the point of view you see them from” //Yenesis

The specific lyrics were inspired by an ancient Greek philosopher who challenged the rule claiming that the only foundation, all our certainties & predictions of the future are based upon, is ourknowledge of events that took place in the past. Therefore, they carry no certainty about the future hence the following lyrics “ The only reason you know that the sun is going to rise tomorrow is because it has come so many times to meet us .. & what if tomorrow it doesn’t come .. ? “ which was one of the main points in his theory.

“Homeless thoughts for a sheltered brain
Cherish your feelings away ahead
Feel you're life like midnight train
Just don't swallow the truth not yet “ // OMD

It is said that a wise man is he who thinks as much as it is necessary ..but sometimes even the brightest minds can be overwhelmed by harmful thoughts & somewhere there I find myself praying for freedom based upon feelings & a life outside the “truth” of the majority that devours men & traps them.

“Bright red curtains hide the stage
Our well-fed rage
Dressed up people used up coals
Collecting our souls” // Debut of crossing the Lines

A dramatic illustration of the competitiveness & the thirst for blood that binds society through the centuries ..with a different face each time. A play, two lovers // loved ones who are called upon to fight one another for the indulgence of the “ well dressed “ spectators & perpetrators. The battle takes place but love remains imperishable in the end.

“Silent sea silver moon light
Bring out and freeze all of my fright
shred it to pieces tare it apart
and please will you mend my broken heart?” // Eve

Everyone puts their faith in something & feels bigger somewhere.. The quilt that can cover my shadows & heal my wounds is the Sun, the Moon & the Sea.

“Hide in the bushes my love
I'll come when the sun has set
Light of darkness I'll bare
My fortress is almost done
Made from purple shiny grains of sand” // Fear of Trouble

Well, when summoned by Love, you need time to build a fortress so as to protect yourself . A tower which, you know in advance, can be so brittle as a castle in the sand.

“Placed a stopping sign to my heart and mind
To the windows so I don't walk through them
Put my sit belt on "boy, I feel reborn"
For a fatal ride of asphyxiation... But I'm on fire.... “ Fire

Once, I made an attempt to lead a “normal” life by changing my old flat - to a new one that was more secure but didn’t have a view - & many other stuff but I felt like I was suffocating.

“Breathless times call for restless minds
Always fragile always weak but always free”

Great moments call for restless minds.. as you can be weak & fragile but you can always be free.

Save the Pain for the Daylight // in the Sun

It is a lyric that I borrowed from the film “Τhe talented Mr. Ripley” & it refers – as does the rest of the song- to how it is better to think & live through problems & situations in the Sunlight.

“Blood is dripping from our hands and all we do is rinse” //Questions of Existence

I believe that , in majority, we people acknowledge the problems & the crimes of humanity but chose to remain passive or even give our consent like modern Pontius Pilates.

“Our children lie dead and all you say is pray” // Questions of Existence

Some years ago a great earthquake struck Haiti & many of the victims were children . At times like this I find myself very angry with “God”- at least the one that the church presents us with- & even more angry at the church for it’s passiveness towards the crisis of humanity , its accumulation of wealth & its various crimes in different periods of time such as the Inquisition , the Crusades etc. That, of course , applies to part of it , there are always some bright exceptions.

“Take my eyes to see your mirror's reflection, it's just another perfection.” // Slipping Beauty

Sometimes we get disappointed by our unfulfilled dreams that seem to slip through our hands . The belief in ourselves is shaken & it is very beautiful when a person sees the Light in you even in the dark .

“Tell me beloved Adam why you're so free of guilt
since you didn't stop our fall it's your sin too to keep” // Snake behind my back

I have noticed that guilt has always being a lever for manipulation starting of with Eve & consequently with many of us. Adam was a complicit but still Eve was given the everlasting stigma of sin.

“Like a feather like a leave call it whatever your eyes see it's only lies or just me so why don't you trust me” // Dolphin

A feather and a leaf can take a very similar shape, in the form of a jewel for example . The main thing is what we want to see ..same goes for people. When you look at the one you love with suspicion you cannot receive love, only agony. Sometimes it’s better to take a risk and trust someone than staying two steps behind.

“It's just the heady perfume from a plane white rose , my father's home Reminding me the beautiful presents of life are kept inside A tacky dirty dusty box well life's a fox I guess It's made for those who pace not run
Not trying to impress anyone” // In the Sun

There was a rosebush in my family house that grew the most humble white roses.. still, every time I got out of the house I would stop and smell them & their perfume would fill me with magic. The most beautiful things in life are the simplest and can only be noticed by those who pace not run.