(Text in greek)

"Matterless"... but matters!

Having your verses as your way of expression, who do you have in mind when writing a song? You or your audience?

When we are born, we are 'clean' and pure, and growing up, while acquiring new experiences we build 'safety' walls around who we really are and the outside world. When I write music I try to connect with what is going on inside me, behind all those layers and also with what is going on in the outside world, not the world I see, but the world I feel when my eyes are shut. It's an inner need to connect with reality.

I'm just a matter-less matter
So tell me now what love are you after?

What does more fertilize your mind when writing lyrics?

Intense feelings in all directions, sadness, happiness, loneliness, fear, euphoria, optimism, pessimism.

Something is definitely creeping
Standing behind me ready to kick in

Would you say that your world of lyrics is an "isolated world" for you or is it perhaps a disciplined expression with notes?

I think it's an 'isolated world' that's reaching for the 'light' through notes.

Every single pain I feel
I let it in until I kneel

Do you think that the process of composing lyrics should at the same time express the character of the songwriter?

To a great extent yes. I, per say, will seldom write lyrics sitting at a desk, with clean pages and scraped pencils in front of me. On the opposite, inspiration might come at the most inappropriate moments, when I'm late or when I'm in a big mess.

Will you sink or will you deal?
With all the demons I conceal

Your father is already "armed" in politics by choosing to speak through the political speech. You for your part chose to "join" singing and expressing yourself through the "poetic" speech. I have been told by many people that a song reaches faster and more efficiently their hearts than a well structured political argumentation. Why do you think human soul works this way?

It's worth listening to James Baldwin who addresses this issue:

I'm so damn sad
Can't a girl just have some fun?

In this forgetful, anesthetized and "touch me not" era, is there finally hope for awakening and sensitivity through the notes?

Only through music and art is there hope for awakening and sensitivity. Music unites us all.

Dip my toes into your sand
Feel the heat before I'm done

Dinos Christianopoulos said: Fight for the truth but not in a discreet way. Better righteous and redeemer than unjust and polite. Do you agree?

Fighting for the truth in a nobel way is a difficult and lonely road to follow. But that's the road I believe in.

Love and courage my friend

Can take you to places you'd never have dreamt

What is your credo? The basic belief of your life and, by extension, what does "life" mean to you?

Music & love.

Sirens will always be loud
But you have to manage to see through the cloud

Doesn't our inner journey in searching for verses and in the troubling friction with words require loneliness?


Every single pain
I feelI let it in until I kneel

Someone said that art and religion have the same root because both are human consolations. How comforting is the fact that for years you have been involved in art in this way, and how much do you personally view all this creative piece of lyrics and music as a gift from above?

100%. I don't write any songs. Songs are written on their own and artists are the "vessels" between the songs and something from above.

Will you sink or will you deal?
With all the demons I conceal

What do you think are the key elements that make a performance great?

The truth.

I'm so damn sad
Can't a girl just have some fun?

Why do you choose to express your love for singing in a foreign language?

Music is for everyone and english is a language that most people understand.

Dip my toes into your sand
Feel the heat before I'm done