Anastasia Liapi. (Text in greek)

Photography, unlike most other arts, involves at its essence the stripping away of the superfluous. While the painter begins with a blank canvas, to which paint is added, the photographer starts with everything -an infinitely crowed canvas, as it were- and progressively remove various elements. To the photographer, every great scene to be photographed already exists somewhere in the world; the challenge lies in deciding where to point the camera and then eliminating from the field of view everything that does not contribute to the desired result.

Taking of the challenge of simplifying our lives follows much the same pattern: we direct our focus to that which is important and eliminate distractions. But this require us to clarify what is essential. If the virtue of simplicity is that it let us remove the superfluous clutter and distracting junk from our lives, what we want to have left over at the end as the focus and center of our lives? If we decide to focus on ANSTASIA'S LIAPI photography, simplicity is less difficult to embrace; pushing things out of the way then reveals rather than diverts us from our goal. As a result, we do not have the gnawing sense of giving up things of great value because what is left finally has more appeal and meaning than what was discarded.

Anastasia Liapi, first of all, thank you for participating in our online channel, and of course the first question that we’d like to ask you, could only be about your personal creative path in this beautiful photographic journey. Thus, the question is simple. When was the first time you caught yourself saying “When I grow up, I want to be a photographer”.
The photographer’s title was not my dream. I was always charmed by being able to create images with my imagination, painting, and photography. The moment when I caught myself being won over by the art of photography was after my children’s birth. Due to limited time for brushes and paint, I came closer to the magic of photography. That was the time when I realized I wanted to commit myself to it.

The calling of a photographer is what ultimately keeps them in their particular photographic career and at the same time what pushes them to make the right distinctions. As far as your personal calling, we would like you to share the most important reasons that made you decide writing your personal “chapters” in the art of photography.
I’m not going to name it a “calling” but a “need”; a need of creating images in order to be able to express what I have in my soul without words.

Studies, imagination, inventiveness, experience. Classify these words in order of priority, so that a photographer can not only progress but also stand out.
Inventive imagination, while studying experiences.

If you had to choose a model to photograph, what would be the basic features that you’d want them to have?
Soul… everything comes from within us.

Directed photography on one side and capturing the moment on the other side. What would you pursue?
Capturing the moment that directs continuity in my eyes and its recipients.

Black and white and colored photography. Is your intuitive enough to shoot with or without color or do you clearly work based on your logic and experience, depending, for example, on the place you’re in while photographing, the lights, etc?
Choosing color or removing it, since now black and white is a choice in contrast to old photographers’ work. It has to do with what I felt at the moment of clicking or with what I want to do with the photo later. It has nothing to do with rules, just with logic and experience.

Is the profession of a photographer able to turn someone into a “traveler”, with or without quotation marks?
Yes, it can perfectly turn you into a traveler without quotation marks, but we keep them for the word of “profession”, according to me.

As for a photo’s editing, filters or not?
Filters, herbs, spells, haha… Whatever pleases our soul.

IMAM BAILDI. A huge “chapter” alone as for their artistic career but also a huge “chapter” for you, since the moment you start shooting them. Tell us about your meeting them and how your first cooperation started.
Randomly… or nothing is random in the end.

Is it an honor for a photographer like you to generously be trusted by famous artists?
Honor for me is being trusted by anyone. For sure, when an artist has chosen your look, this automatically places you in the frame of their art, which is unique and an honor.

Is success for you an end in itself or simply the reward of your efforts so far?
Success… hm a word that confuses me since I think I don’t have it clear regarding what it comes with. I think that every try is a success inside us. As the seed planted, our purpose must be for knowledge and care to take root, not the harvest of one year's fruit. Success is hidden in constant care and love.

When we create a tribute to a photographer, we always ask them to send some photos of their choice in. You characteristically said “I always get stuck when I choose some of my photos”, meaning that it’s hard to choose. And that’s logical, since your material is really exceptional. But now comes the hard part! Among the thousands of photos that you have taken, is there a photo that has taken the highest position in your heart for some reason, and why?
Yes, there is. Its look… a portrait that I only look through itself now, even though it doesn’t look back at me in this photo. Like it doesn’t want to see my grief. A portrait of the "K" of me Heart.

Which is the most difficult kind of photography for you?
I don’t find anything easy or difficult. I learnt to “touch” thing in my own way. Besides, you may face difficulties in the simplest things or the opposite.

I wonder… How grateful a photographer must feel when the one and only moment he encounters in front of him, generously offers him this coveted click?
Every person that encounters a unique moment in front of him and can experience it should feel grateful. We just capture them with a click. And I say capture because sometimes this coveted click, as you mentioned, keeps us out. Like guardians of moments who won’t let them escape.

Are you excited to surprise your audience through your work?I feel excited when I surprise myself… and then see the audience feeling the same as me.