"Oh, what a world dad" by Kostas Mourselas.

"All home, bed & church" by Franca Rame & Dario Fo.

"Shadows & Light": Memories of Albert Camus.

Sample of our work. (more soon)

"The overcoat" by Nikolai Gogol.

"Jordan" by Anna Reynolds & Moira Boffini.

"A streetcar named desire" by Tennessee Williams.

"Cagebirds" by David Campton.

"Miracle" by Giorgos Fakanas.

"When they hang the beautiful" by Manos Tsilimidis.

Vanila Swing: 10 years after.

Theodore live at Fuzz Music Club.

Irene Skylakaki live at The Athens Concert Hall (pilot video).

Idra Kayne live at Bolivar Beach Bar (one camera promo).

Katerine Duska live at The Athens Concert Hall.

Leon of  Athens live at Six Dogs.

The Tiger Lillies Live in Badminton Theater - "Sweet Breeze".

Martyn Jacques (The Tiger Lillies) sign on a man's head.

Promo supported videos and video clips for special artists.
The Road Miles - The third man
NTP - Rap for Living
The soprano of the National Opera, Gina Foteinopoulou,
performs in an astonishing way part of the song
"Mesogeios / Mediterranean"
in the hall of the officials of the
Berlin Brides - Ballad for the Touch - Deprived
Echo Train - Fire
Nikos Mihas - Δως μου αναπτήρα
Enola Str8 - Μακριά σου

"The odd couple" by Neil Simon.

"Miss Margarida's way" by Roberto Athayde.

"Off Syllabus" by Kostas Leimonis.

"Look back in anger" by John Osborn.

Expert Medicine - Perfect Maniac
Opera Chaotique ft Martyn Jacques (The Tiger Lillies)

Imam Baildi Live at Oropos (one camera promo).

Kulamakus The Band Live in Athinais.

"Line" by Israel Horovitz.

Rope Studies Live at Faust

"When we dead awaken" by Henrik Ibsen.

"Between two worlds" by Ivan Turgenev.