Τhe purpose of this channel is to introduce various artists from Greece and abroad regarding the musical, film and theatrical scene in many ways, such as interviews, tributes, articles, photographs, promo videos and in general whatever can show the artist's effort and add to their promotion.

After many years of experience, with a lot of work and effort, we managed to create a brand name in the Greek market when it comes to our field, mostly thanks to our quality and collaborators. Actually, even the name we gave to our website is not accidental, since we have sought to find the "key-word" that would be easily remembered from our audience and would also represent 100% the artists' field. And if nothing else, we all know that every artist deserves our applause as a minimum reward for ones long and strenuous artistic effort. was born to express in its own way its numerous congratulations to all of those who were born to entertain us. And because in Greek the word “entertainment” is a compound word which means “soul treatment”, this website is essentially the “thank you note” to those who make such an effort.

The claps project.