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Banned on youtube!

But not at all here!

Rope Studies is a Kinbaku / Shibari Team based in Athens, Greece. They were formed in late 2011 by a BDSM couple in real life. Rope Shadow aka Chris Shagal (a Greek photographer / cinematography) and Alice - V (a Greek / German alternative model). Their activities, so far, include artistic Japanese bondage photography, live performances and workshops. In March 2013 they made their first International collaboration with French Kinbaku performer Gorgone. In March 2014 they were invited, among others, to present and teach during the Eurixe weak at Schwell 7 in Berlin, Germany ( a seasonable European rigger exchange, organised by the famous German photographer Felix Ruckert. In December 2015 they created the first rope dojo (Athens Rope Dojo) in Athens, Greece. 

Soon the 3nd banned video!

Burlesque Follies takes you back to the old days of Cabaret, back when clubbing was chic and fun. A dazzling full-on show with exquisite acts combining eroticism, grand glamour and tongue-in-cheek humour. Starring a fabulous Master of Ceremony, cheeky pin-ups, charming crooners, a minxy stage kitten and international burlesque starlets. Welcome to the cabaret!